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For Kizul's Definitive NTSC NES Palette

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These screenshots were generated by NEStopia; if you see any oddities at the top and/or bottom, that's because NEStopia's screenshots ignore overscan clip settings, thus showing the top and bottom 8 pixels that are normally hidden on an NTSC television (and in most emulators).

This palette is the product of over three years of messing around, on and off, with trying to get a palette that matched what my actual NES Control Deck output on my CRT TV.

The Very Short Version: I hooked my NES and PC up to the same CRT TV and eyeballed the colors until what my PC was trying to display on the screen matched as closely as possible what the NES was displaying on that same screen.

I use this palette in NES emulators on my hacked Wii, and it looks slightly dimmer than the actual hardware at first — but after a few minutes of playing, I don't even notice anymore, and it seems nearly indistiguishable to my actual Control Deck; hence why I refer to it as my "Definitive NTSC NES Palette". :)

My palette also uses the canonical off-black blacks for palette entries $1D, $xE, and $xF: something that almost no one else has bothered to put in their palettes.

If you'd like to download this palette for use in your emulator of choice (assuming it lets you choose your own palette), you can download it here.

Bee 52

(Using the Bee 52-specific palette included in my palette pack, where $1D (used as the main 'gray' you see here) is brightened a bit to match the levels on a television.)

The Immortal

(With NEStopia's Brightness increased from 0.0 to 0.12, or when using the "~ for Bee 52 and The Immortal" palette file and accompanying Game Genie codes.)

Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt

Adventure Island II

Adventures of Lolo 2

Battle Chess

Super Mario Bros. 3

Adventures of Lolo 3

This screenshot was modified to show both parts of the rainbow simultaneously; it looks pretty much exactly the same as actual hardware -- just less flickery.


This is my personal favorite line from Professor T. Bird.

Bucky O'Hare

Dragon Warrior


This screenshot was modified to simultaneously show both the background and the platform upon which Samus is standing; it looks pretty much exactly the same as actual hardware -- just less flickery.

Dragon Warrior III

Legendary Wings

The Legend of Zelda

Dragon Warrior IV

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

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All games whose images are upon this page belong to their respective creators. I'm simply using images from the games to demonstrate the palettes that I and others have made.