Email and Network Abuse Policy

Procyon maintains the highest standards in ethics regarding the use of the Internet and all of the facilities it provides. This includes its policies regarding email as well as the use of its networks and servers.

Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE or "SPAM")

Unsolicited commercial email (UCE) messages of any nature are prohibited. Procyon does not tolerate the abuse of its servers for the relaying or delivery of any sort of UCE or any other unsolicited messages sent in bulk. Furthermore, Procyon does not allow its users to send any unsolicited bulk email, commercial or otherwise. Procyon does not operate open mail relays. Our mail servers are configured to accept and relay mail for our users only.

If you believe you have received UCE from or relayed through Procyon, please send email to

Blacklisted networks

Despite the general good nature of the Internet community, there is a lot of fraud and unsavory behavior on the Internet. This includes abusing email to promote multi-level-marketing scams and other con artists. As such, there are some networks, addresses, and domains on the Internet that are not interested in cooperating and instead continue to attack mailservers like ours with their unsolicited garbage. Other cases involve spammers abusing misconfigured mail servers (open relays) to help hide their true identity.

In the case of an open relay, we add the IP address, IP network, and/or domain name to our list of blocked hosts (our "blacklist"). We do send a warning message to the remote postmaster letting them know that they are running an open relay as well as the fact that it has been abused. As soon as they close the relay and notify us, we remove the block. Due to the nature of the postmaster address, any emails sent to postmaster are not bound by the blacklists in order to facilitate good-faith communication with the remote party and solve the problem.

Other sites achieve a perminant status in our blacklists as they are "spam friendly" ISPs and other fraudulent organizations who deliberately violate protocols and the law to ensure that they get as many of their spams out to as many mailboxes as possible. In fairness, these organizations receive a warning message requesting no further unsolicited mail be sent to our network, but we never receive a reply from them.

For the benefit of debugging problems, here are Procyon's blacklists of blocked domains and addresses. If you feel your address, domain, or network has unfairly made it onto one of these lists, please do not hesitate to email for discussion.

Banned domains: domain-blacklist.txt
Banned addresses: network-blacklist.txt

Network Abuse

Procyon does not provide any dialup or broadband services. However, if you suspect that any of Procyon's server hosts are involved in a network abuse incident, please contact right away. This includes security incidents, viruses, worms, and denial of service attacks originating from any IP address which resolves back to a hostname. All incidents are handled personally and you will receive a response as soon as we determine the nature of the issue. All cases of abuse are dealt with as quickly as possible.

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