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For the SONY CXA NES Palette

(Author unknown.)

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These screenshots were generated by NEStopia; if you see any oddities at the top and/or bottom, that's because NEStopia's screenshots ignore overscan clip settings, thus showing the top and bottom 8 pixels that are normally hidden on an NTSC television (and in most emulators).

From FirebrandX's "November 2017 Palette Descriptions" file:

“A palette that is intended to approximate the RGB translation of NTSC by certain consumer-grade Sony TV sets. original author of this palette is unknown.”

I have to admit, I actually kinda like using this one on my laptop. :) It looks like absolute rubbish on any of my CRT TVs, but in a lot of cases it looks great on my laptop's screen! :D

Bee 52

As usual, this palette erroneously uses pure black for all of the blacks — instead of only for $0D (with off-blacks for the $1D, $xE, and $xF entries in its palette) — thus hiding background details in certain levels that would be visible on a CRT with an actual NES hooked up to it.

In the level shown in the last screenshot, the trunk of the tree and the bottoms of the fence posts are missing.

Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt

Adventure Island II

Adventures of Lolo 2

Battle Chess

Super Mario Bros. 3

Adventures of Lolo 3

This screenshot was modified to show both parts of the rainbow simultaneously; it looks pretty much exactly the same as actual hardware -- just less flickery.


This is my personal favorite line from Professor T. Bird.

Bucky O'Hare

Dragon Warrior


This screenshot was modified to simultaneously show both the background and the platform upon which Samus is standing; it looks pretty much exactly the same as actual hardware -- just less flickery.

Dragon Warrior III

Legendary Wings

The Legend of Zelda

Dragon Warrior IV

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

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All games whose images are upon this page belong to their respective creators. I'm simply using images from the games to demonstrate the palettes that I and others have made.